GOD: An Autobiography, As Told to a Philosopher - The Podcast

132. From God To Jerry To You | Why Did God Pick Me To Talk To?

June 22, 2023 Jerry L. Martin, Scott Langdon
GOD: An Autobiography, As Told to a Philosopher - The Podcast
132. From God To Jerry To You | Why Did God Pick Me To Talk To?
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Jerry receives a message from God that feels like a draft notice. God may be talking to you- are you listening? Would you be able to carry out a task given by God?

A direct message is waiting for you from the man who hears from God. From God To Jerry To You is a brand new series calling for the attention of spiritual seekers everywhere. Featuring breakthroughs, pathways, and illuminations, Dr. Jerry L. Martin shares a deeply insightful straight-talk inspired by profound questions, and answers from God.

God: An Autobiography, As Told To A Philosopher is written by Dr. Jerry L. Martin, an agnostic philosopher who heard the voice of God and recorded their conversations. Dr. Jerry L. Martin, was head of the National Endowment for the Humanities and of the philosophy department at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and founder of Theology Without Walls.

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Scott Langdon [00:00:17] This is God: An Autobiography, The Podcast. A dramatic adaptation and continuing discussion of the book God: An Autobiography, As Told To A Philosopher by Jerry L. Martin. He was a lifelong agnostic, but one day he had an occasion to pray. To his vast surprise, God answered- in words. Being a philosopher, he had a lot of questions, and God had a lot to tell him. Episode 132. 

Scott Langdon [00:01:20] Hello and welcome to God: An Autobiography, The Podcast. I'm Scott Langdon. And today we bring you a second installment in our new series From God To Jerry To You. Many of you have asked to hear some more short reflections from Jerry that are more one on one, or more speaker to listener, if you will. So in response to those requests, we've put together this series that we're adding to our regular schedule of programming. From God To Jerry To You will fit right in to our programing schedule in rotation with our other series favorites: The Life Wisdom Project, where Jerry speaks with a new guest each time about their thoughts on a specific episode in the audio adaptation of Jerry's book; What's On Your Mind, where Jerry and I read and talk about emails that come to us here at the podcast from listeners and readers of the God Book, as we like to call it; and What's On Our Mind, where Jerry and I share our own stories of our experiences with God. As our podcast continues to expand and offer more to you, our dear listeners, we always invite you to take in what speaks to you and leave behind anything you might not find that is useful to you. If you do find something that speaks to you and is useful, perhaps you would consider sharing our work with your friends and family. Remember the first 44 episodes of this podcast are the audio adaptation of Jerry's book God: An Autobiography, As Told To A Philosopher, and you can access those episodes anytime for free, anywhere you get your podcasts or by going straight to godanautobiography.com/listen/dramaticadaptation. We always love to hear from you as well. So email us at questions@godanautobiography.com. This week we bring you an episode titled Why Did God Pick Me To Talk To? Here's Jerry. I hope you enjoy the episode. 

Dr. Jerry L. Martin [00:03:28] When people hear about God speaking to me, they often ask me with a tone of suspicion, "Why you?" Well, I asked myself, why me? There's nothing special about me. Why didn't God pick Charlton Heston or one of these mystical types with x-ray eyes and flaming hair? Why? You know, I'm just me, playing Jerry Martin. I'm the least likely person to hear a divine voice. I didn't even believe in God. But then I'm assuming that we can have some idea of what God's criteria are. You know, maybe He wanted a skeptic. Somebody who would ask a lot of questions. I don't know. Maybe He wanted someone not rooted in a particular religious tradition, that's possible. I saw a guy on TV, he had never been a singer at all, had a call to become a professional religious singer- go figure. You know what I think the key might be? Maybe I was the only one willing to accept the assignment. God might have asked a hundred other people, might have asked a thousand, whispered in their ears first. It may have been slim pickings when He got down to me. When I told a friend of mine who's an up and coming lawyer, my particular story, he said if it had happened to him, he would not have accepted the assignment. You know, sometimes in life you volunteer, you step forward only in the sense that everybody else steps back. The tone of suspicion that I mentioned earlier is that people think I'm on some kind of ego trip. Well, frankly, I was having a better ego trip pursuing a good career in Washington, D.C.. No, this was more like receiving a draft notice. Congratulations. You have been selected. When God drafts us for a particular assignment, it doesn't mean we're super duper. It just means He has a job for us to do, and there are a lot of devine jobs to go around. To create a world of love and compassion, of wisdom and understanding, God needs each and every one of us to follow His will to do- to pick up on our part of the assignment as best we can discern it. As Abraham Lincoln put it so well, "To do the right as God gives us to know the right." You know, maybe instead of asking somebody else why you, it would be better to ask what do you want of me, and direct the question a little higher up. If this speaks to you, please subscribe and like and share it with your friends, it might be just what they need to hear today. 

Scott Langdon [00:07:02] Thank you for listening to God: An Autobiography, The Podcast. Subscribe for free today wherever you listen to your podcasts and hear a new episode every week. You can hear the complete dramatic adaptation of God: An Autobiography, As Told To A Philosopher by Jerry L. Martin by beginning with episode one of our podcast and listening through its conclusion with Episode 44. You can read the original true story in the book from which this podcast is adapted, God: An Autobiography, As Told to a Philosopher, available now at amazon.com, and always at godanautobiography.com. Pick up your own copy today. If you have any questions about this or any other episode, please email us at questions@godanautobiography.com, and experience the world from God's perspective as it was told to a philosopher. This is Scott Langdon. I'll see you next time. 

From God To Jerry To You
Why Did God Pick Me To Talk To?
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