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137. From God To Jerry To You | What Does God Sound Like?

July 27, 2023 Jerry L. Martin, Scott Langdon
GOD: An Autobiography, As Told to a Philosopher - The Podcast
137. From God To Jerry To You | What Does God Sound Like?
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Join Jerry L. Martin in this thought-provoking episode of "From God To Jerry To You" as he delves into the fascinating question, "What does God sound like?" Explore the diverse modes of divine communication, from audible voices to inner whispers and subtle signals, unraveling the intricate tapestry of God's messages.

Gain a deeper understanding of how these divine messages manifest in our lives and learn to recognize and interpret the guiding signals along our individual paths. Don't miss this captivating discussion on God's voice and the profound significance of paying attention.

Step into a transformative exploration of spirituality from God's perspective. Tune in to "God: An Autobiography, The Podcast," and unlock the power of divine communication firsthand.

Keywords: divine communication, God's voice, profound insights, guiding signals, transformative exploration, spirituality, God: An Autobiography.

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Scott Langdon [00:00:17] This is God: An Autobiography, The Podcast. A dramatic adaptation and continuing discussion of the book God: An Autobiography, As Told To A Philosopher by Jerry L. Martin. He was a lifelong agnostic, but one day he had an occasion to pray. To his vast surprise, God answered- in words. Being a philosopher, he had a lot of questions, and God had a lot to tell him. Episode 137. 

Scott Langdon [00:01:08] Hello and welcome to God: An Autobiography, The Podcast. I'm Scott Langdon. And today we bring you the third edition in our new series, From God To Jerry To You. This week, Jerry shares his reflections on a question he often gets. What does God sound like? Remember the first 44 episodes of this podcast are the audio adaptation of Jerry's book God: An Autobiography, As Told To A Philosopher, and you can access those episodes for free anytime, anywhere you get your podcasts, or by going straight to godanautobiography.com/listen/dramaticadaptation. So, this week, From God To Jerry To You- What Does God Sound Like? Here's Jerry. I hope you enjoy the episode. 

Dr. Jerry L. Martin [00:02:00] Because of my unusual experience, people ask me, "What does God sound like?" What does God sound like? It's a natural question. The answer is, you know, God kind of sounds like me. Well, that's strange, but it's as though God is using my equipment to communicate with me. But sometimes it does seem as if the sound is coming from outside. In fact, the first time God spoke to me, I was sitting on a park bench. Abigail was right beside me, writing in her journal. When God spoke, I turned to see- did she hear this voice? I wasn't surprised that she didn't, but I wouldn't have been surprised if she had, because it was that loud. One morning, I was getting ready to work, the voice spoke and I literally jumped. It was as if someone had walked up behind me, you know, quietly, tiptoe, and then they suddenly talk and you jump. It was just like that. Other times, maybe more often, it's more as if there's a telephone receptor in my ear, a little receiver, and God is talking to me in that way, whispering in my ear. Sometimes it's even more intimate than that. Like, God is talking to me in my mind. And, you know, when people hear about my experience, some of them say, "Wow. God talks to you?" And then they add, "I wish God would talk to me like that." And of course, others say, "Wow, you think God talks to you, you need to seek help." Well, I think both responses are mistaken. They focus too much on the voice aspect, which is not actually the key. God is talking to us, sending us signals all the time. I mean, it sometimes comes in ways we may not recognize. God may talk to us through the voice of conscience. "Don't do that." Or through tasks and opportunities put in our paths, events unfolding, doors closed and doors opened. Sometimes it's just, you know, that deep inner feeling you sometimes get, that's really settled, and in your gut, and you just know this is the right thing to do. That can be God speaking to you. And sometimes the divine just comes in those, I call them, significant coincidences. The great psychologist Carl Jung calls them synchronicities, where a pattern of events seems to be implying a message and you have to connect the dots to figure out what the message is. What does this mean for my life? But, you know, if you do those things, you pay attention to God's signals inside and outside, and you do that with an open and willing heart, and you try to follow the instincts, the intuitions, the intimations as best you can, the hints and clues as best you can, you earnestly, sincerely do your best, you are very likely to be on the path God intends for you. And I'd be interested if you wanted to let me know how it's going for you. Bless you. Be well.

Scott Langdon [00:06:12] Thank you for listening to God: An Autobiography, The Podcast. Subscribe for free today wherever you listen to your podcasts and hear a new episode every week. You can hear the complete dramatic adaptation of God: An Autobiography, As Told To A Philosopher by Jerry L. Martin by beginning with episode one of our podcast and listening through its conclusion with Episode 44. You can read the original true story in the book from which this podcast is adapted, God: An Autobiography, As Told to a Philosopher, available now at amazon.com, and always at godanautobiography.com. Pick up your own copy today. If you have any questions about this or any other episode, please email us at questions@godanautobiography.com, and experience the world from God's perspective as it was told to a philosopher. This is Scott Langdon. I'll see you next time. 

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