GOD: An Autobiography, As Told to a Philosopher - The Podcast

141. What's On Our Mind- Exploring Divine Communication, Spiritual Stories, and Growth

August 24, 2023 Jerry L. Martin, Scott Langdon
GOD: An Autobiography, As Told to a Philosopher - The Podcast
141. What's On Our Mind- Exploring Divine Communication, Spiritual Stories, and Growth
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In this profound episode of "God: An Autobiography, The Podcast," host Scott Langdon and Dr. Jerry L. Martin delve into divine communication, worthiness within God's callings, and gaining insights into God's perspective. The intricate art of narrating God's story becomes clearer through understanding the evolving nature of the divine.

Drawing on the wisdom shared by esteemed guest Abigail L. Rosenthal, renowned for her exploration of evil and the concept of story, the discussion shifts towards demystifying and normalizing spirituality.

This episode emphasizes fostering an authentic connection with the divine, urging listeners to embrace simplicity and resonance throughout their spiritual journey.

God: An Autobiography, As Told To A Philosopher, is written by Dr. Jerry L. Martin, an agnostic philosopher who heard the voice of God and recorded their conversations.

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Scott Langdon [00:00:17] This is God: An Autobiography, The Podcast. A dramatic adaptation and continuing discussion of the book God: An Autobiography, As Told To A Philosopher by Jerry L. Martin. He was a lifelong agnostic, but one day he had an occasion to pray. To his vast surprise, God answered- in words. Being a philosopher, he had a lot of questions, and God had a lot to tell him. Episode 141. 

Scott Langdon [00:01:02] Hello and welcome to episode 141 of God: An Autobiography, The Podcast. I'm Scott Langdon, and on this week's episode, Jerry and I sit down for the latest installment of our series What's On Our Mind? We reflect on the last four episodes of the podcast and specifically Jerry's wonderful interview with Dr. Abigail Rosenthal for our latest installment of The Life Wisdom Project. In episode 139, having Abigail on as a Life Wisdom Project guest would have been wonderful in any case, she has some fascinating insights into episode nine, but to hear her thoughts as someone who experienced all of this as Jerry's real life wife added an extra layer of wisdom and perspective to the discussion. And of course, all of this raised a slew of questions and thoughts in my own mind. I'm so glad to have the opportunity to talk with Jerry about these questions and thoughts and to have you along for the ride. Thanks for spending this time with us. I hope you enjoy the episode. 

Scott Langdon [00:02:05] Welcome back, everyone. Here is another edition of What's On Our Mind, Jerry, we've got so much to talk about today. A great set of episodes that we're focusing on. I'm really excited. 

Dr. Jerry L. Martin [00:02:15] Yeah, I thought they were very interesting and we can just dive right into them, I think. 

Scott Langdon [00:02:21] Yeah, that would be great. So, the episodes we're focusing on here and not just in a way of sort of a wrap up or a review, but really as I go through these episodes and I work with them and we put them together, there are things that come up and questions that come up. And when we go to the mailbag for the What's On Your Mind episodes, I see that folks are struggling with different issues and they go, "Oh, yeah, that's something I struggle with, too." That's one of the reasons that I just really enjoy this What's On Our Mind session, because we can go back and sort of reflect on these things. So, this week we're looking at the previous four episodes and 137 was From God To Jerry To You. And the question there in your talk, your short talk was: What Does God Sound Like? Episode 138, we replayed episode nine, which is God Asks Me To Tell His Story, and we did that because you and Abigail, your real life wife and a professional philosopher and university, former university, professor as well, talked about this particular episode. So, in Life Wisdom number nine, which was episode 

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