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142. From God To Jerry To You | Why Is God Hiding?

August 31, 2023 Jerry L. Martin, Scott Langdon
GOD: An Autobiography, As Told to a Philosopher - The Podcast
142. From God To Jerry To You | Why Is God Hiding?
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Embark on a soul-enriching journey guided by divine revelation. Experience the transformative series "From God To Jerry To You," tailored for spiritual seekers worldwide. Dr. Jerry L. Martin, conduit of profound insights, presents candid conversations inspired by life's mysteries and divine wisdom.

In this introspective episode of "God: An Autobiography, The Podcast," delve into the timeless query: "Why does God remain hidden?" Drawing from ongoing divine dialogues, Jerry L. Martin unravels the enigma of God's presence and reveals its subtle expressions. Discover how God's omnipresence is interwoven with nature's fabric, insights, and gentle guidance.

Join Jerry as he illuminates the enigma of God's elusive nature and extends an invitation to discern the multifaceted ways through which the divine presence is revealed.

God: An Autobiography, As Told To A Philosopher, is written by Dr. Jerry L. Martin, an agnostic philosopher who heard the voice of God and recorded their conversations. Dr. Jerry L. Martin was head of the National Endowment for the Humanities and of the philosophy department at the University of Colorado at Boulder and founder of Theology Without Walls.

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Scott Langdon [00:00:17] This is God: An Autobiography, The Podcast. A dramatic adaptation and continuing discussion of the book God: An Autobiography, As Told To A Philosopher by Jerry L. Martin. He was a lifelong agnostic, but one day he had an occasion to pray. To his vast surprise, God answered- in words. Being a philosopher, he had a lot of questions, and God had a lot to tell him. Episode 142. 

Scott Langdon [00:01:15] Hello and welcome to God: An Autobiography, The Podcast. I'm Scott Langdon and it's time this week for a new reflection From God To Jerry To You. In this our fourth edition of our new series, From God To Jerry To You, Jerry addresses God's answer to a very pressing question many of us have: Why is God hiding? God's answer puzzles Jerry for a bit, but the more he thinks on it, the more Jerry can see how God is truly with us. Always remember the first 44 episodes of this podcast are the audio adaptation of Jerry's book, God: An Autobiography as Told to a Philosopher. And you can access those episodes for free anytime, anywhere. You get your podcasts or by going straight to godanautobiography.com/listen/dramaticadaptation/. So this week, From God To Jerry To You: Why is God Hiding? Here's Jerry. I hope you enjoy the episode. 

Dr. Jerry L. Martin [00:02:23] If God wants us to believe in Him, why does He stay in hiding? Why doesn't He just come out and show Himself? I have to admit, I used to find it irritating. Here we are with this huge obligation to believe and to live our lives in relation to God. He seems to demand that of us, and yet He stays in hiding. Well, I found that God answered my prayers. This is one of the first things I asked him. "Lord," I said, "If you want us to know you, then why do you hide yourself from us?" The answer: "You see Me everywhere. You see Me everywhere." Well, I remember, you know, looking around the room, looking outside the window. You can do it now, looking- do I see God somehow shimmering through? You know, trying to figure out what that might mean. But all I saw were stuffed chairs and the trees outside. Not God. So it was puzzling. Later, I was given a clue. "I express Myself in nature. I express Myself in nature." I was told. Well, I'm familiar with the idea that, you know, you can see God's handiwork in the heavens, that kind of thing. But still, to see the handiwork isn't the same as seeing the maker. The maker may still remain hidden. So, I kept thinking about it. I kept thinking about that word express. "I express myself in nature." God said, "I express myself." God does not speak carelessly. What would it mean for God to express himself in nature? Then it dawned on me. I'm expressing myself right now in my voice and my gestures, my facial expressions, even though we're not in the same room. It's me you're seeing. Not my handiwork, you know. I look for an analogy, kind of imagine someone who chose not to speak, but to express himself through finger painting in the sky. It's something like that that God does in nature and in many, many other ways. He is expressing himself through our conscience, through insights he gives us, through things He puts in our path. What we have to do is to pay attention and to notice the divine presence, to detect the divine message. Which may be just God is present, comforting us. That God is with us. God is on our side in various situations of ups and downs of life. It can be that God is revealing something about Himself in nature or in an insight as we pray or read. It may be that God is nudging us in one direction or another, as He does when conscience warns "Don't go that way." Or you feel this other kind of nudging. "Yes, this is your calling. This is what you should do. This is how you should help this person who has come into your life and needs your help." It seems God is in fact, though, hidden in what we would normally think of in human terms. You know, making a public appearance, the person shows up. But God is present is a different kind of-- is different from you and me and celebrities who show up at events. Nevertheless, God is present. God is expressing Himself. God is reaching to us, but it falls to us to notice, to recognize God's expressions, to sense God's presence, and to take it into our lives. If this speaks to you, please subscribe and like and share it with your friends. It might be just what they need to hear today. 

Scott Langdon [00:07:26] Thank you for listening to God: An Autobiography, The Podcast. Subscribe for free today wherever you listen to your podcasts and hear a new episode every week. You can hear the complete dramatic adaptation of God: An Autobiography, As Told To A Philosopher by Jerry L. Martin by beginning with episode one of our podcast and listening through its conclusion with Episode 44. You can read the original true story in the book from which this podcast is adapted, God: An Autobiography, As Told to a Philosopher, available now at amazon.com, and always at godanautobiography.com. Pick up your own copy today. If you have any questions about this or any other episode, please email us at questions@godanautobiography.com, and experience the world from God's perspective as it was told to a philosopher. This is Scott Langdon. I'll see you next time. 

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